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Just realized that I’ve been bombarding you all with cosplay WIP photos, but haven’t actually announced this at all!

So this is The Assembly Line, the bigger, better, badder successor to the old TransCostumers (which is outdated for too many reasons for me to even be able to quantify). It’s a mecha cosplay and genre fan forum for people who are interested in making their favorite Transformer, Gundam, cyborg, or suit of costume armor, because that sort of stuff is what we all collectively specialize in.

We’ve got a small wiki, databases of costumes organized by construction material, we’ve got tutorials, and a whole host of members who are so excited and passionate about this stuff that they’re constantly experimenting and documenting every tiny detail of their successes and failures for the rest of the internet to learn from.

I stared TCos back in 2009 because there were NO resources for anything related to Transformers cosplay, and I’ve met some really amazing folks in the fandom through this site since—many of the original members are still around, sharing their expertise, and have even gone on to make money from their talent.

Here’s some of the stuff our members have made over the years:


user posted image


user posted image

Obviously that’s not everything or everyone, but it’s a taste.

Anyways, that’s about it. :B


I will be at TFcon in Canada this weekend with a whole bunch of fluffbots! Prices are a bit different than etsy; fluffs come in 5 price tiers now, ranging from $25usd/cad for minibots (and undersized Preceptor) to $70usd/$75cad for Magnus, with a few special deals for specific character sets. (Prices vary with currency according to cost, due to exchange rate.)

I will be accepting cash as well as credit (via Paypal Here) Sharing a table on saturday with katyamondfische and breadsy! Come say hello!


Exercise 27 Results: Shading Candy Step by Step by: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Check out our sweet Candy Study results with full step by step explanation HERE.

OK this Emofuri thing is confusing, let’s try Live2d’s Cubism!



the software is similar to emote/emofuri, a little more complicated though, with modeling, texture maps and set up is different, but at least it’s in English! with an extensive how to manual and dozens of sample models to play around with 

there’s free version you can download


I picked up this program almost instantly, after struggling with emofuri all day (T^T I’ll try again another time), I really just wanna jump into this style of animating

New Animation Software 「EmoFuri」 Helps Animate Illustrations Instantly!


E-mote Free Movie Maker, shortened EmoFuri, is a new Windows software released by M2 that helps artists easily animate photoshop illustrations in a 2D-3D style! EmoFuri uses PSD files of character illustrations to animate them.


EmoFuri is free for download! Try it out here!


Want to make some badass props and have no idea how? Check out my new prop making book for only 5$!



I’m sure we’ve covered this already - Shirts from the Men’s section are generally superior in terms of opacity, durability and warmth. For some reason, designers like to make shirts in the women’s section see-through and flimsy. 

But! I’m not here to discuss their secret plot to make people buy extra shirts. 

I’m here to solve the damn problem. 


So! Lets say you were walking down the local department store, and saw this really awesome t-shirt. Hell yeah! SHIELD!  In a fit of excitement, you got it for your sibling.


Unfortunately, they only had the XL size, and it looks like a potato sack on her. 


It’s okay, we can fix this. 

First, pin it to fit her. Not super tight! You don’t want any part of the shirt stretching. 


We did NOT turn the shirt inside-out for that step.

After carefully taking off the shirt (neeeedles), we flattened it, keeping the pins close to the same location.


We did migrate the pins about a half-inch TOWARD the existing hemline. This is because when pinning it on a body, some cloth will be pulled more from the back, and some from the front of the shirt. If you don’t flatten it out, you’ll get weird twisted chunks later. 

Then, we sewed along the curves that the pins outlined, using a super-basic straight stitch.


(At this point I had leave the house, so she just continued on her own. *shrug* Hooray for selfies and experience) 

She tried on the sewed version, to make sure it was still loosely fitted. It shouldn’t be tight at all at this point. 


After making sure it still fit properly (If it didn’t then you’d have to pick the stitches in problem areas and re-sew) she cut off the fabric flaps, leaving about a half-inch of of room for the stitches. 


Apparently she also brought in the sleeves by about an inch. Just follow the existing bottom hemline for that part.

After that, turn your shirt inside-out. 


And along the edges, where we sewed before, she used an overlock stitch.



Do that along both sides, flip your shirt inside-out, and BAM


Super awesome fitted shirt, nice seams, 100% opacity, higher durability, and some goddamn sleeves. 

This shit works to shrink massive tshirts down to any body size or shape.

If you’re normally a ‘large’ and you want a fitted shirt? Just buy an XL or XXL and slim that shit down to fit your beautiful body. 

This ain’t just for people with boobs, either. If you’ve got a flat chest and want your shirt to hug that killer abdomen of yours, this technique works for that too. 

Can I get a ‘Hell Yeah’?




Wisdom from Sherm Cohen by way of Character Design References!

This is perfect. Contrast. CONTRAST!

Genius. Pure Genius.


i need to print this out